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Hey hey hey!

2010-08-16 14:45:39 by FlashDefender787

I don't know what happened.....
I just lost track of time....
My mind has gone berserk,
And my friends have disappeared.

Basic explanation of what happened to my online account for EVERYTHING. Now I'm back, but I'm not sure how long I can keep up with this.

Anyhow, I don't think that anyone will be seeing any submissions (except art) for a REALLY long time. I do not have the programs (or talent, for that matter) to get a flash movie out there. Sorry. But the good news is that I came back!



2010-02-06 13:02:17 by FlashDefender787

Hellooooooo, all you not-so-great pplz down in NG!

I haven't been on in say, half a year, so I need you guys to update me if I missed anything important...

Also I've just figured out how to make an "swf" file with Windows Movie Maker and CamStudio, so just wait until I get my own computer and then I'll make some laughs for ya. But right now I'm at a library and it's my only computer access.....

But be patient!!! I WILL come out with something to show sooner or later! Oh and now my flash group is CLOSED. No more entries will be taken and the group is disbanding. Sorry!

See ya later, SUCKERS! *ends entry*


Once again, it's that time again for my usual crap.

I haven't been on NG in a while, I apologize. I've been working on important stuff(like homework) and didn't have time for this. Although I have been lacking in work, I'm currently working on more art, so expect that in the future. Also I've been trying to figure out a way to raise money for a flash program. Any ideas? Plus I most likely won't be on much in the future as I have family business to attend to and of course school is in session.

I am STILL accepting requests to join my flashing group, as there are only myself and Bowser555 in it. :(

That's about it, so I'll leave you to spam in the comments like everyone else. See ya! :3



2009-11-06 20:08:10 by FlashDefender787


I haven't been on in a while because I've been busy doing other things. You know, moving on to bigger and better things in life. And YES I'VE BEEN NEGLECTING NG FOR SOME ONLINE LEGO GAME!!! Don't judge.

I have been working on some things, mostly art, but I still haven't forgotten Newgrounds luckily. I just asked myself a few minutes ago, "Why not pay my good friends at NG a visit? Haven't seen 'em in a while so it might be nice to come back." So here I am!

Once again, other than my usual crap, there is nothing new about my news.

FlashDefender out. *logs off*


You know what this is.

2009-10-03 17:29:28 by FlashDefender787

Another update.

Really haven't been on Newgrounds much 'cause I started playing a game called Roblox, which most of you probably play. There isn't much to say about what's been happenin' undar mah hood yall, so I'll just conclude.

You are now up to speed. FlashDefender out.

Haven't been on in a while, forgot to update this thing.

I've decided NOT to make any movies/games for a while, until I can get this figured out. Sorry about that.
But I still am accepting members for my collab group, we just won't collab for a while. I mean A WHILE.

I would appreciate you guys being a little more accepting of my ways. I'm just trying to help out Newgrounds a bit, so SHUT UP AND ENJOY IT! Please. Shut up.

If you were wondering where I was, I have a link.

You are now up to speed. Good day to you. *logs off*


2009-08-10 17:58:31 by FlashDefender787

More news has now come your way.

I think I have found a solution to my flashing problems...LiveSwif. It's a free program somewhat like Macromedia Flash, and supports swf. frame-by-frame file creation, but is FREE and seems simpler. It's all ready to go along with movie production, and I've got some really good ideas on the way. But i still have to figure out how it works and learn the tricks of the trade. If you guys could help me out, or give me your ideas, that would SERIOUSLY help out.

You are now up to speed. FlashDefender787 logging off.


2009-07-16 18:51:14 by FlashDefender787

Sorry about deleting all the other posts, I had a computer problem, and when I refreshed the page, all the posts were gone. Then again, I WAS using Microsoft Internet Explorer. :3

Nothing new has been happening in the Flash-Defence, but even THAT hasn't stopped me! I'm working on quite a few art projects, and they're turning out pretty nice. Once I get enough, I'll get scouted and you guys can see all I've created! So for now, just keep a watchful eye.

Here's a preview of one of my arts. Enjoy!